Saturday, February 25, 2012

Plastic and Yarn Easter Egg Wreath

Our "quick" family trip to the Hobby Lobby today for a Yarn RUN, turned into a "walk around the entire store and see what is new trip". Well Easter is what caught my kiddos attention. As we walked down the abundant aisles of decorations they kept complementing on all of the pretty wreaths and pointing out the differently colored eggs. Which sparked my creative juices, and so we decided to make our own wreath! Below are the pictures of the fun process!

All of our supplies:
Pastel colored yarn from my yarn stash.
Plastic Easter Eggs Medium and Small Sized.
And some wire from the hardware store.

Closer shot of the yarn that will be used to cover the eggs to add depth of texture to the wreath.

Bend the wire into a circle the size you prefer, yes you could just buy a preformed basic wreath but I like to be able to choose what size I want(and it is cheaper). Make sure to make more than one circle so that you are reinforcing the wreath and it will be stronger. Thanks to the hubster for bending and cutting the wire :)

Covering the form with the pink yarn gave me a good surface to be able to glue upon. I did this part hastily just because I knew you would see very little of it.

We put little dabs of hot glue on both ends of the plastic egg then covered it with the yarn in random pattern, finally gluing the loose end.

We glued the eggs on in a random pattern alternating between the plastic and the yarn covered eggs and varying in sizes with eggs. All I used to attach the eggs was hot glue and I would place the glue where ever the eggs would be touching  on the form or the other eggs. I found tightly holding the eggs as I glued and blowing on them made a tighter fit.

Top view of the previous picture.

Our finished product, a Plastic and Yarn Easter Egg Wreath :)

We did a ribbon bow hanger attached to the form so that it can hang nicely on our front door.

This was a random but fun project to do with our kiddos. I just made up the steps as I went figuring out what worked and what didn't. Laughing and enjoying the time with my kiddos. It really sparked creativity in all of our imaginations and we've thought of even more ways to use all of this yarn in our stash. So check back later to see what we come up with.

Many Blessings!!
Pearsall Family

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